Information design

Information design is the process of organizing and testing the architecture and navigation for a website or other digital media. Investing time to get organized before the design and programming stage ultimately saves time and money and produces superior results.

Project highlights

The World Bank: We developed information architecture for the World Bank’s Urban Bus Toolkit. It’s a website to help officials in developing countries improve their transit systems. The architecture enabled a team with members in Ottawa, Washington, Hong Kong and Rustington UK to focus on the website and make changes in an efficient cost-effective way. View the architecture online.
Fisheries and Oceans Canada: We developed information architecture for the Office of Environmental Coordination intranet. The architecture was annotated to help explain the role specific pages and sections would play in influencing the choices made by employees. View the architecture online.
Environment Canada: We worked with Environment Canada to develop information architecture for Clean Air Online.
Canada Revenue Agency: We developed information architecture for the CRA’s Sustainable Development intranet. View the architecture online.
Canada Border Services Agency: We provide intranet architecture to advance the Agency’s sustainable development strategy.